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The advanced design of CIRIGLIANO’s pneumatic transfer and ventilation systems maximizes performance.

Install Aerofoil fans and ventilation ducts to cool the grain through the movement of air at low speed and keep it at the right temperature avoiding humid and dry heating.

Acquire CIRIGLIANO’s static storage and drying system with loading, unloading and pre-cleaning.

These are the most effective options when you want to make your efforts count.

The pneumatic grain transfer allows you to transport and ventilate your grains quickly and easily, without causing any damage since it uses pre-cleaners that maintain the quality of your harvest.

Modular static drying and storage cells

-Harvest your grains
-Store and dry your harvest in your rural area.
-Sell it when you decide.

It is confirmed that the agricultural producer keeps the quality of the harvest, allowing a better grain transfer in the future. CIRIGLIANO’s static and ecological storage system is the most effective option when you want to make your efforts count.

The modular portable storage and drying cells are offered in different modules adaptable to any existing shed. Ideal for rail-type or open-air sheds. It does not make the grains circulate through the air, but the air through the grains avoiding costly grain transfers. You can save more than 8% and avoid damages of poorly stored grains.

The SAMSON cells manufactured by CIRIGLIANO offer the best drying and maintenance conditions for your harvest.

The cells vary according to the capacity and can be assembled in different ways. Cells can be adapted for old sheds turning them into modern automatic barns. They can also be assembled in the open air, covering it with a tarpaulin which is quickly placed in the rural area. As an option a gabled shed combining the load with an upper auger and nozzle can be placed to distribute the grain in the cell. The flat cement floor allows the distribution of an underfloor duct combining the unloading with the central underfloor auger and a mobile sweeper. With all the above mentioned options you can have the best storage system at the lowest cost per ton.

CIRIGLIANO’s ventilation systems move air through the grain and eliminate costly grain transfers facilitating the ventilation of the grains, avoiding the proliferation of fungi and harmful insects. Forced ventilation through the grains is achieved with special perforated ducts, which are self-cleaning. It provides a best active surface area and avoids the common blockages in the circular perforation ducts, located in the silo or cell according to its construction. Ductwork requires exact calculation to reach the maximum performance.

Our engineers specialized in ventilation applied to agriculture are in charge of the selection of the appropriate fan and ventilation system. They also provide information and advice about the most suitable ventilation system according to your needs, taking into account the geographical area, weather conditions, grain types and storage periods.

Ventilation system for silos

CIRIGLIANO`s ventilation system is renowned for its advanced design and precision which maximizes the performance.

Our ventilation system for silos consists of an aerofoil fan and ventilation ducts, cooling the grain through the air movement at low speed at the right temperature. In this way, it avoids humid and dry heating.

Axial fans with single-phase current 220V and three-phase current 380V. Gasoline combustion engines, for high power and diesel, with power take-off for tractor-auxiliary engine.

Avoid costly grain transfers and save more than 8%, avoiding damage to poorly stored grains.

CIRIGLIANO`s ecological static storage and drying equipment is the most effective option when you want to make your efforts count. Harvest the cereal, store and dry the grains in your own rural area, with the minimum cost of freight and sell it when you decide.

CIRIGLIANO offers three types of ventilation systems available:
Ordinary ventilation: it receives the dried grain and keeps it for periods of up to 2 years. The volume of air applied is the one required to produce an air speed of 0.3 to 1 meter per minute in the mass of grains.
Reinforced ventilation: it receives the cereal with 24% humidity, conditions it for passage in the dryer, stabilizes the humidity and temperature and achieves an equal performance in the dryer. The volume of air applied is the one required to produce an air speed of 1.2 to 4.5 meters per minute in the mass of grains, reducing humidity at a rate of 0.5 per day until it is received.
Cooling ventilation: it receives hot grains from the dryer (50%) and cools them in 15 hours completing the cycle of drying. It increases the dryer performance up to 50%. It reduces loss due to the break of grains. It maintains the natural shine with high commercialization values.
The volume of air applied is the one required to produce an air speed of 4.5 to 20 meters per minute in the mass of grains.

Pneumatic Grain Transfer

Gives one person total grain-handling capability.

Manufactured under
license of Walinga Inc,

Do it all with the Walinga AGRI VAC. Fill or empty any storage facility being used. The Walinga Agri-Vac puts an end to legs, augers, sweeps and shovels. Grain handling has never been simpler, safer or healthier. This can be solved by simply placing the AGRI VAC on your tractor and moving it into position. Its suction and pressure hoses are lightweight, install in seconds and are highly flexible. Even the narrowest places or the most difficult angles are no problem.

Transport and ventilate your harvest quickly and easily.

End grain movement problems regardless of the size and type of installations. A single operator can perform all tasks without risk of accidents and at full speed.

Walinga Inc’s AGRI VAC transfer system allows to move the grains avoiding the risks of self-combustion of the harvest.

Sweeping allows the recovery of every last grain of the floor without clouds of dust or dirt. The operator can work remotely and in places that are inaccessible such as silo cones, underground cells, etc.

Without filters or meshes damaging the grains and with pre-cleaners enhancing and maintaining the quality of the harvest.

With AGRI VAC you can work at long distance, even in inaccessible places where you are currently not allowed to enter.

(Silo cones, underground cells, agglomerated and wet grains, etc.).

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