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CIRIGLIANO´S Ecologic and static storage equipments make your efforts count by keeping the cereal quality and allowing a better traceability of it.

Pneumatic Grain Transfer

Gives one person total

Ventilation system for silos

First integral factory of ventilation systems for silos and cells with an advanced design that allows the producer to reach the maximum performance.

Modular static drying and storage cells

Harvest your grains.
Store and dry your harvest in your rural area.

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Junin Plant

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CIRIGLIANO S.A, specialized in Ventilation Engineering, offers to the market axial, helical and centrifugal fans for the industry, mining and agricultural sector. The history of CIRIGLIANO goes back more than 100 years of continuous innovation and progress

Aerofoil Axial Fans

The construction of an axial flow fan is influenced by a number of factors prominent amongst which is the design of the blades and their Aerofoil section.

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